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Frequently Asked Questions


Portal Related: 

  1. Once your calendar is connected and you have completed all training quizzes, you are automatically made active to receive meetings
  2. Zipcodes, should you need zipcode/territory updates, please send these to
  3. Should you need to update your name, email address or phone number, please send these to
  4. Should you not disposition your meetings, you could be paused and/or removed from the program. Please make sure to disposition your meetings within 24-48 hours of them happening
  5. The zipcodes you have set up are those that we set meetings for. Should you be going on vacation for a few weeks, a different state or part of town we can setup the alternative zips for you
  6. A “Pending” meeting means that we have not been able to complete our quality checks just yet with the customer. Once we are able to complete these, the pending status on the calendar and customer card will fall off.  Should the customer fail our quality checks the meeting will be removed from your queue
  7. Should something remain on your calendar that you believe was cancelled you can reach out to  This presents a training opportunity for our reps
  8. If you do not sell the person we set but sell their spouse, neighbor or friend - please mark this as “sold” and make notes. 
  9. Should you sell multiple individuals for one meeting, please mark as “Sold & Referral” - we only charge for the meeting once we just want to be able to account for conversions and performance. 

In Person Billing:

  1. You are billed for any meeting that does not cancel with us, a meeting can cancel one of three ways:
    1. Consumer texts the group chat
    2. Consumer cancels with our team via phone & is not interested in rescheduling
    3. Our QA team identifies that we did not set a quality meeting

    We do bill for “no shows” and “reschedules.”   We recommend you work to get the meeting rescheduled should we not be able to as well as attempt to reach the “no show” again and go to their home a second time.  No shows are typically less than 8% of the overall volume we send, agents do have success with these with additional follow ups

  2. You can now pay for your own meetings in the portal should the agency/marketer you are with not be paying  for your meetings or only being paying for a portion of your meetings.  Your portal will show on your profile any meetings remaining.  Should you not have any meetings left, you will be paused and have a status of “No Meetings Left”
  3. How can I pay for a meeting? With the buy more feature you are able to pay via credit card, cash app or google pay.

Instant Meetings Billing:

  1. The cost is $39 and paid for once a transfer connect is identified.
  2. You are billed for any connect lasting at least 5 seconds. There will not be an opportunity to dispute a billable instant meeting.
  3. Should the call not be billable, you will not have the consumer card nor a text message of the consumer details sent.

Instant Meetings Additional Information:

  1. All Instant Meetings are qualified utilizing the same quiz method as all other verticals.
  2. You are able to for instant meetings add to your territory by either state specific and/or zip specific.
  3. The phone number during sign up will be the phone number we are texting and calling.
  4. If a true technical challenge is identified, please send through properly identified channels.
    (Support Inbox :


  1. Today we can not just send to you supplemental, advantage, T65.  It is a mixed bag, but please note at this time you will receive most advantage consumers that are probably DSNP
  2. Should you not think you were set a quality meeting, please reach out to our support team,  We will QA all interactions and provide you feedback within a few days as to whether we will move forward with cancelling the meeting or deeming it as quality and why
  3. Your engagement via messages with the consumer is pivotal to your success in the campaign
  4. Meetings will be set on a holiday if your calendar is not updated to indicate otherwise
  5. Should you pause yourself, you can still communicate with all other meetings we have set and access the portal.  Pausing yourself only makes you unavailable for a meeting
  6. You have a meeting scheduled for a date and time that you can no longer commit to: in these instances, we suggest that you work with the customer to get the meeting rescheduled for a date and time that works for you.  Please take into consideration the consumer experience and lessen this as much as possible, it’s super important that your calendar is updated to accommodate proper scheduling
  7. I am double booked: Should you believe you have a calendar issue please reach out to our support team.  Please be sure that the event we haven’t double booked over isnt in a different calendar account that we do not have access to. Please also ensure that the event wasn’t added following having set the meeting
  8. What if someone is already on the best plan? Please mark as “not sold” and put this into your notes.  Please include in your notes whether you were able to become an AOR for this individual as well.  We are not licensed agents and do not make the decision as to whether someone is on the best plan, this is something you work out with the consumer
  9. How many meetings should I expect a week? This is driven by the media and not something we can predict week over week. Should you not be receiving meetings, reach out to our support team and we will help identify if we can make any changes
  10. Rescheduling? We will attempt to help you reschedule but should you be able to reschedule on your own, please be sure that this has been added to your calendar so we do not double book you
  11. Meetings that are set, you should receive an email from us with the quiz detail.  The email that should receive this detail is the one that you used to set up your account and is located in your profile. 
  12. If you do not want meetings for a few weeks, please self pause.  The pause button can be found at the bottom of the calendar page in your portal 
  13. We are gathering scope for you and loading this into your portal.  The downloadable recording will be available on the consumer card
  14. Meeting thresholds are set by your agency/marketer or your own payments.  Should you see meetings in your account that you didn’t purchase, the marketer/agency is funding these.  Once they are gone, your account will pause until more meetings are added or a payment is made
  15. We do not perform background checks at this time