Supercharge Your Sales

Get Pre-Qualified, High Intent, In-Person Sales Meetings Pushed Right To Your Calendar.

Supercharge Your Sales

Get Pre-Qualified, High Intent, In-Person Sales Meetings Pushed Right To Your Calendar.

Supercharge Your Sales

Get Pre-Qualified, High Intent, In-Person Sales Meetings Pushed Right To Your Calendar.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Agencies are already achieving massive success with Medicare Express:

For AEP 2023, we served up 48,297 scoped meetings with 23,375 converting for a success rate of 48.4%.

That’s the Medicare Express difference!

We Don’t Sell Leads...
We Sell Results!

Sales Meetings Built Around Your Schedule

Rise Above

Traditional prospecting is unreliable and leads to lousy results and poor performance.

Medicare Express demolishes the old system, lifts agents out of the sea of mediocrity, and puts them on course for greater success and lasting consumer relationships that stay on the books.

Great Agencies Are Built On Great Meetings  

Instead of wasting time chasing a list of leads…

Solve your prospecting challenges with our streamlined process that saves you time, saves you money, and lets your team focus on selling…so your agency can expand its book of business. All your agents need to do is keep a calendar and disposition of your sales meetings. We'll handle everything else.

Our proprietary Medicare Express Wizard syncs with your calendar to automatically set sales meetings around your team’s schedule. We identify benefits your prospect wants and needs. We pinpoint the optimal carriers and plans in your prospects’ zip code. And we share all of the information with you in the Medicare Express Wizard. Then we connect you to the customer by sending out a group text message to agent and customer confirming the day, time, and place of the sales meeting.

Now, looking for sales meetings is as easy as checking your calendar.

Making The Sale

Your Time, Optimized

 Medicare Express makes the whole process so much easier because we:

  • Pre-qualify prospects
  • Automatically add meetings to your calendar
  • Get the Scope
  • Identify desired benefits
  • Pinpoint best plans
  • Enable live calls from prospect
  • Map out meeting location.
  • Re-sell the meeting
  • Confirm special circumstances

The only thing your agents worry about is closing the sale.

Play To Your Strengths—Sales!

We filter prospects so you don’t have to, disqualifying 92 out of 100 people we reach. The result: A success rate of 92% of consumers showing up for their sales meetings and up to 51% converting.

That means you can be certain your time is optimized with high intent, qualified customers served up every day…to help your team crush sales goals for your strongest selling season ever.


Ready To Accelerate Your Growth?

This is how you turn ordinary agents into super producers… how you turn super producers into rock stars… and how to grow your agency at scale.

You know the pain of prospecting.
Now experience the power of Medicare Express.

Get more meetings and more sales in your market on your schedule. And streamline the entire prospecting process for faster, easier sales. That’s why we call it Medicare Express!

We Don’t Sell Leads...
We Sell Results!

Top Agents Love Medicare Express

Absolutely great lead service. I have been in the Medicare business over 34 years. This platform is one of the best I have work. Well worth the money. I’ve closed over 90 percent of my sales. Highly recommend –
- Kevin Gilsenan
Best appointment and lead system I’ve used yet!! Professional and no more chasing prospects who really do not want to talk to you!
- Stacy Smeaton
My overall experience is extremely positive and rewarding with Medicare Express! High-quality appointments and a stellar conversion rate. This is truly a winning combination!
- Stephen Fortman
My experience with Medicare Express has been overwhelmingly positive. It's like striking gold!!
- Steven Bashkin
I have been in the Medicare industry for some 25 years, both through direct personal sales and by running my own agency that supports several thousand agents. I've had the opportunity to evaluate a wide range of lead-generation programs. Medicare Express has consistently delivered preset meetings that are not only highly targeted but have a high level of conversion..
- Edward Crowe
The quality of service that you get from this system is second to none. I now have clients for life thanks to this program.
- Dominic Sparcella

We Don’t Sell Leads...
We Sell Results!