From Our Partners


Before I had this sales meeting setting service, it was difficult getting face to face sales meetings using mailers. The sales meeting setting service sets me up with high quality meetings.

Now that I have Medicare Express, I'm excited to see how many high quality sales meetings I'll be getting in the upcoming year.

- Jesse Leal

As a new agent, my first season of AEP selling was very challenging before I had the sales meeting service. With the sales meeting setting I sold two clients my first day. I am now able to see clients that were in my area and were receptive to seeing an agent. My day was planned out and I had many clients scheduled.

Now that I have Medicare Express, I am looking forward to a strong selling season for OEP.

- Heather Jones

Before Medicare Express, I was spending a lot of time calling prospects to get sales meetings which eats into time I could be selling. Medicare Express set the sales meetings for me giving more time to do what I do best which is sell to interested parties.

Having a sales meeting setting service will help me reach my production goals a lot easier.From a time spent standpoint, it allows me to reach my sales goals a lot quicker. It's like pouring fuel on a fire.

- Corey Paradowski

Many of our problems were solved once we started working with Medicare Express! First the fact that people showed up! As well as getting great valid sales meetings are hard to come by. With this system it seemed easy! When you showed up for the sales meeting, they knew we were coming, and they were ready to go over their options with everything out on the table. That solved the stress of sales meeting settings and really allowed us to go to homes and sell the products we believe in.

Medicare Express helped us grow our book of business and changed our views on what leads we should focus on. Getting sales meetings rather than leads helps a ton eliminating the part of AEP that can drag which is setting sales meetings! Your system did that for us but also set great sales meetings with high intent! We will definitely be focusing on using Medicare Express for many years to come!

- Tucker Pine