Beyond Closing the Sale… Creating a Satisfied Customer

Why is educating the consumer important? In short, your target customer doesn’t know nearly as much as you do about your product or service. It’s critical that you share a portion of your knowledge and expertise to get them invested.

Introducing them to your product is a critical step in their journey, but showing them the value that they are missing out on is an important motivator. If you want to convince them to take the journey to conversion, you must include giving them an understanding of what it is you are selling.

What is customer education?

Customer education is the process by which you provide the consumer with the skills and knowledge they need to get the most they can out of what you’re selling.

It’s completely separate from marketing.

Client education is all about helping the consumer get the most out of their experience. By providing the context they’ll need to look back on the transaction and recognize the benefit, you’ll reinforce the value of your interaction and encourage return business.

The best side effects

Along with learning about your product, your effort will help to build critical loyalty and trust with the customer. That loyalty and trust will lead to higher retention and more word-of-mouth marketing as people tell their friends and family everything they learned as they went through their customer journey.

Think of it as a sort of one-one-one training. Educating the customer will lead to a reduction in complaints. This is because the customer is more educated about the product, its features and benefits. The value they place on your services is largely due to the foundation you laid at the outset of their journey, by showing them what you can do for them.

Finding a lead is one thing…

Making the effort to educate the customer is just as important as generating the lead in the first place. You should aim to create a customized and considered strategy for not only generating awareness and getting them interested, but then educating them. This strategy is particularly important if you’re selling something technical that people won’t intuitively know how to navigate and get the best use out of (like Medicare Advantage plans).

Customer education is relevant to both the customers and those within your business that interact with them. If you’re offering a new and disruptive service, it’s especially important to play an active role in guiding people. Accurate and accessible consumer education is key.

Keeping their attention

Present your content concisely and dynamically. Attention spans aren’t what they used to be; and given the demands on people’s time, you’ll need to make sure your content is compelling and easily consumable.

At Medicare Express powered by 100Insure, we have created a standardized, scalable program that will pay dividends to your business. We take the time to speak with our leads. We educate them on the product – Medicare Advantage plans. We explain the available benefits to them and even offer them a few plan options that may work best for them. From providing a reliable lead flow, to increasing customer retention, and reducing the demands on your agents, our process just works. The end result for you are warm, qualified leads with a “yes or yes” mentality.

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