Quality Customer Acquisition, Where the Consumer Always Comes First

Establishing and growing your Medicare insurance agency is incredibly difficult.

Whether it’s the carriers, getting the right agents, installing systems, or sourcing software, the obstacles can seem never-ending. Typically, the biggest challenge to scaling your Medicare business is finding effective and dependable lead flow. Where can you turn for quality customer acquisition and how do you know who to trust?

The industry is seemingly loaded with fly-by-night lead companies who are always chasing the fast, easy money. They sell the same low-quality, inexpensive leads to any agency that will buy them… and then the race is on to take advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

There’s no question that this makes for a lousy experience for the consumer and has led to unprecedented churn in the industry. The consumers bounce from one plan to another on the promise of more, and better benefits. They have very little idea (if any) what their plans will and won’t cover… and in the end, everyone loses.

Your agency loses. The customers lose. The carriers lose.

It doesn’t have to be like this…

We are different. At Medicare Express powered by 100Insure, we have engineered a process that is unique to the industry. Our deep-quiz funnels can help determine exactly what someone wants and needs for benefits. Then, based on our Insuretech stack, we show them three ideal plans they are eligible for.

These are plans that are sorted specifically for the user based on their personal situation and the benefits that are available in their area. Our agent buyers can sort through with them on the phone, or in person. Our marketing strategies are valuable to our lead base because they educate and inform the consumer about benefits that they might not have known about.

Medicare Express powered by 100Insure delivers consumers who will talk with your licensed agents, in a “yes or yes” mindset, about the best plans for their unique situation. When the user understands what the best options are for them, they enroll easily and stick longer since any switch goes to a less-than-ideal plan for them.

This process puts the consumer first. Their experience leads to less churn and a better journey from start to finish.

Whether telephonic or in the field, we have developed programs that range from warm transfers, to scheduled appointments, and provide data leads that can fit virtually any situation. We solve the retention problem for the carrier, create more profit potential for your agency, and most importantly provide a better experience for the consumer.

We’re not for everybody

Our process is not inexpensive to us and it is not a good fit for single agents working local markets. We look for long-term relationships with companies that have 25 agents or more and share our values – the customer must come first.

Click here to contact us today and learn how our approach can work for your agency. See how we can solve the problem of scalability and watch your agency grow.

Instead of just giving you a list of "new leads", we connect and set you up with high-quality, high-intent, pre-qualified sales meetings.