Lead Qualifications & Management

Your various marketing channels are bringing in Medicare leads with no problem. But many of these leads are not qualified. Sound familiar?

You may be missing out on good leads that don’t respond to your initial email or first follow-up call. Your lead nurturing process may have an easily fixable design flaw that is creating a qualification gap.

Phone qualification and deep quiz funnels. By working with Medicare Express the qualification gap will shrink and you can convert more leads into actionable opportunities.


Qualified Leads

We serve as an extension of your sales team to bring qualified sales leads to your frontline. We provide an added level of support for your lead qualification efforts.

We speak directly to decision makers, first using our guaranteed Insurtech techniques and using key qualifying questions to get more information about your prospects.

We Dive Deep

Diving deep into the wants and needs of prospects to determine which leads are of the best quality and are ready to be passed along to your sales team.

Acting as a pre-screening filter to keep the wrong Medicare leads off of your to-do list – saving time and improving the efficiency of your agents.


The End Result

Instead of chasing unqualified leads, we help you make sure that your agency is getting the best Medicare leads and that your agents are aligned with the right opportunities that will result in a sale.