Building Quality Into Your Network

The rules of the road for Medicare evolve continuously. Enrollees and agencies alike have to keep an eye on these updates as they can affect the customer’s bottom line as well as your company’s. Fortunately, we can help.

At Medicare Express powered by 100Insure we are vigilant. We keep our eyes on the ever-changing landscape of legal considerations and marketing regulations in the Medicare industry. All year long we work tirelessly to ensure compliance as much as we do performance.

There’s no doubt that we are driven to succeed, but we want to add companies that share our core values to our network. We treat the individual enrollee as a person, not just another lead. Consistently, our mindset is “the customer always comes first.”
By adopting and insisting on this mindset, we have been able to work to create a proper feedback loop and optimize with our buyers until we hit or beat their CPA goals.

Your success is our top priority.

Insulate your business

Adding depth to the reserve of unique leads you have on hand is always a good idea. When you partner with Medicare Express powered by 100Insure, you’re making sure that your team has the quality contacts in your database to ensure success .

A deep repository of high-quality, reliable leads can be the ideal insulation your agency needs against the ebbs and flows of the marketplace.

Our process is unique to the industry. We use deep-quiz funnels to discover exactly what someone wants and needs from Medicare benefits. We then deliver three ideal plans for them to review.

The plans are sorted specifically for them based on their personal situation and the benefits available in their area. Our agent buyers can then sort through each benefit and plan option with them – on the phone, or in-person.

We can deliver leads who are ready to talk with your licensed agents in a positive mindset about the best plans for their unique situation. If the consumer understands what the best available options are for them, they will enroll easily and stick – since any switch goes to a less-than-ideal plan for them.

Creating a partnership

We offer services for agencies – from warm transfers to scheduled appointments, and data leads that can fit virtually any situation. If your agency is large and growing fast, and if you’re committed to putting the customer’s needs first, we’re the lead-gen company you want to talk to.

Click here to contact us today. Learn how we can consistently supply the high-quality leads your agency is looking for and how we can build a long-term relationship that’s a win for everyone involved.

Instead of just giving you a list of "new leads", we connect and set you up with high-quality, high-intent, pre-qualified sales meetings.